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Our Extended Family

Partnering with locally owned companies to provide all our contracting needs and materials, we ensure all services provided meet our highest standards.
We take great pride in contributing to our local economy, building strong relationships, and creating a sense of community with our employees and sub-contractors.

Zac Culbreth, Architect

Zac Culbreth graduated from Brown University with degrees in Architectural Studies and Visual Arts, and continued his study of architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. While at Harvard he received the inaugural Edward Larrabee Barnes Fellowship to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Currently based in the Berkshires, and founding principal of Zac Culbreth Architecture, Zac continues to pursue his driving goal to create beautiful spaces by actively seeking projects that will benefit most from his depth of experience in architecture and building.

Helia Land Design, Landscaping

Helia Land Design is a full service land care firm. They design and implement projects that range from the intimate to the bold. Their diverse skills are complimented by their ability to interface with conservation commissions, architects and engineers.
Bridghe McCracken, Founder of Helia Land Design, has over 15 years experience in land stewardship, as well as designing landscapes, gardens and beautiful food systems. Bridghe has a BA in Biology from Colorado College, is a certified Organic Landcare Professional from the Northeast Organic Farmers Association, a certified Horticulturist from MCLA and is a Massachusetts Master Gardener.

Chris Vreeland, Engineer

Chris Vreeland is a professionally licensed Engineer in Massachusetts & New York, providing creative solutions in the field of alternative energy and energy conservation.